Which is the Lowest Currencies in the World 2021

A majority of people have the knowledge about “highest currencies in the world” but a very few segment of them would know the Lowest Currencies in the World 2021. However, this blog certainly focus on the Top 15 Lowest Currencies in the World. The exchange rate of each currency is done against US dollars, the reason behind this is that it is the supreme currency in the world. The following shows the list of such currencies: 15. Burundian Franc
  • Burundian Franc is the currency of a country named Burundi. It is placed in East Africa.
  • It comes under the poorest countries of the world. Consequently, its currency is not strong as well
1 US DOLLAR= 1,898.37 Burundian Franc Currency Code= BIF
  1. Tanzanian Shilling
  • Tanzanian Shilling is the currency used in Tanzania, a country placed in Eastern Africa.
  • It is also called as “Shillingi”
  • This was introduced in the place of eastern African rupee which started to be in use in the middle of the colonial period.
1 US DOLLAR= 2,315.7 Tanzanian Shilling Currency Code= TZS
  1. Columbian Peso
  • Columbian Peso is the legitimate currency of Columbia.
  • In the past five years, this currency has lost its value by a hundred percent.
1 US DOLLAR= 3,833.01 Columbian Peso Currency Code= COP
  1. Malagasy Ariary
  • Malagasy Ariary is the recognised currency of The Republic of Malagascar.
  • It was introduced in the year of 1961, at that time 1 Malagasy Ariary was equal to five Malagascy Francs.
1 US DOLLAR= 3835.47 Malagascy Ariary Currency Code= MGA
  1. Ugandan Shilling
  • Ugandan Shilling is the currency of the Republic of Uganda.
  • In the year of 1966, this currency was introduced along with the establishment of The Bank of Uganda.
1 US DOLLAR= 3,800.69 Ugandian Shilling Currency Code= UGX
  1. Cambodian Riel
  • Cambodian Riel is the currency of Cambodia. It is a country placed in the southeast region of Asia.
  • US Dollar was famous in this country since the introduction of Cambodian Riel. Consequently, this currency’s value have always remained low.
1 US DOLLAR= 4,115.25 Cambodian Riel Currency Code= KHR
  1. Paraguayan Guarani
  • This currency has been used in a country in the continent of South America which is Paraguay.
  • The country of Paraguay bears various problems like unemployment, low quality education and so on, this is the reason of this country to be considered one of the weakest economies in the world.
1 US DOLLAR= 6,605.90 Paraguayan Guarani Currency Code= PYG
  1. Uzbekistan Som
  • This currency is used in Uzbekistan.
  • Before the introduction of Uzbekistani Som, this country had been using Russian Ruble even after its freedom from the USSR.
  • It was introduced on 15 November, 1993.
1 US DOLLAR= 10,171.82 Uzbekistani Som Currency Code= UZS 7. Lao Kip
  • Lao Kip is also known as Laotin Kip and it is the official currency of Loas.
  • This currency’s value is rising but still it will take a long struggle for it to come out of the list of one of the weakest currencies in the world.
1 US DOLLAR= 9,014.61 Laotin Kip Currency Code= LAK
  1. Sierra Leonean Leone
  • This currency is in use in a country in West Africa which is Sierra Leone.
  • It has a very poor economy as this country has faced so many wars and epidemics and also it will not get any better in the near future.
1 US DOLLAR= 9,730.00 Sierra Leonean Leone Currency Code= SLL
  1. Guinean Franc
  • This currency is used in a small country on the western coast of Africa which is Guinea.
  • High inflation rate and low education rate makes its economy weak, but it is highly rich in natural resources.
1 US DOLLAR= 9,582.62 Guinean Franc Currency Code= GNF
  1. Indonesian Rupiah
  • This currency is in use in Indonesia.
  • The economy here is fairly stable but it has very low exchange rate which makes it one of the weakest economies in the world
1 US DOLLAR= 14,71.50 Indonesian Rupiah Currency Code= IDR
  1. Sao Tome and Principe Dobra (STD)
  • This currency is official in the country of Sao Tome and Principe.
  • A light of hope can be seen which will make this country a better place economically as this country is rich in coconut, coffee, cocoa exportation and recently it has done development in the petroleum sector.
1 US DOLLAR= 21,425.62 STD Currency Code= STN
  1. Vietamese Dong
  • It is the official currency of Vietnam, a country in Southeast Asia.
  • Even though it is one of the lowest value notes still it is famous for being one of the highest denomination currency.
1 US DOLLAR= 23,363.67 Vietnamese Dong Currency Code= VND
  1. Iranian Rial
  • It is the official currency of Iran.
  • Even though the country is highly rich in oil but due to its sanction with US for oil exportation, the economy became worse and at present it is considered to be World’s cheapest currency.
1 US DOLLAR= 42,105.00 Iranian Rial Currency Code= IRR Summary: Each country is trying to come out of this list and make their economy stable and rich.

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