Top 10 NGO in India. Which is doing a great job in our society?

What are NGO’s ? NGO stands for Non- Government Organisation. These organisations are mainly for social welfare and prosperity. It is a non-profit group and it leads towards the betterment of our country. Moreover, it works without government supervision. There are many economic sources for the NGO’s to run. The government can lend a helping hand in the same but they cannot be a representative of any NGO. In the present era, the counting of NGO in India has increased at a higher rate. But a controvertible issue is rising that the black money is being converted into white money and the cause of social welfare is fading out. List of Top 10 NGO in India: 1. Give India
  • The main feature of “ Give India” is that it gives an emphasis on the joy of sharing and giving.
  • They want to promote the idea of giving in our country
  • They are transparent and you can see what help your donation is doing in the NGO’s
2. Prajwala, Hyderabad
  • This NGO is running by a rape victim. So it works on the motive of anti-trafficking, rescue and rehabilitation.
  • It works in collaboration with US consulate of Hyderabad.
They focus on 5 Pillars:
  • Prevention
  • Protection
  • Rescue
  • Rehabilitation
  • Reintegration
3. CRY (Child Rights and You)
  • It is the most trusted organization in India as well as other parts of the world.
  • Their main motive is to give children all the rights especially the unprivileged ones.
4. Goonj
  • Goonj works on the barter system of rural as well as urban areas and gives emphasis on the giving culture.
  • The unused materials or wastes of urban cities can help the rural areas to prevent poverty by making alternative of the same.
5. Help Age India
  • They work for the elderly community of India and gives them proper care and help.
  • It looks after the pension, health care, sanitation and so on.
6. Smile Foundation
  • The smile foundation has brought smiles to so many people in India. It looks after the underprivileged children and helps them in leading a better life
  • They work in over 25 states of India
7. Chhanv Foundation
  • This foundation helps acid attack victims and give them a safe place to reside in.
  • They give economic or financial support to them as well.
8. LEPRA India
  • It works for patients who have diseases like lymphatic filariasis
  • They help the patients as well as their families and also give financial aid to them
9. PRS Legislative Research
  • They have various activities like citizens engagement, LAMP fellowship
  • They help with full knowledge-based efficiency
10. The mid-day meal NGO
  • They provide lunch in the schools of rural areas.
  • This attracts the unprivileged children to go to school. So this helps in the growth of India as well.
Summary- Any person who is willing to bring a change can take part in running an NGO in India as it is non-governmental. The NGO’s today need more aid financially and motivation too. Be a part of the change with ChhotaCFO!

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