Online Trademark Search in India

A trademark search must be conducted prior to filing a trademark application to identify potential with existing trademark applications and even registered trademarks. A trademark search can be performed by entering the word mark and the class in which the investigation is being undertaken. According to the NICE classification for trademarks, a trademark application is filed under 45 different classifications. Each trademark class represents a unique range of goods and services. Individuals should utilize trademark class discovery tools to determine the trademark class for specific goods or services. Why is it necessary to conduct a trademark search? A Trademark search on the internet will reveal the name of a registered brand name/Trademark that is similar (phonetically) to your Trademark. A list of forbidden marks is supplied so that a person can determine whether the brand name or trademark falls under such prohibited characters. If the brand name has a logo and is classified by the Vienna code, a trademark search will provide you with information and details on similar brand names. To register the applicants’ trademark or brand mark logo under the Trademark Act, a Trademark search is required. If a comparable Trademark already exists in the Trademark Registry, the name can be changed, or an individual can choose a new name. If a comparable trademark already exists, the newly applied Trademark should be changed, or a new name might be chosen. If the brand name is distinctive, it is possible to register the brand name. Before filing a trademark application to register a trademark, it is generally advisable to conduct a trademark search. Trademark database The Comptroller General of Patents, Designs, and Trademarks in India is in charge of trademark registrations and registered trademarks. Professionals and non-professionals alike can utilize the online trademark search database and conduct a trademark search. The Trademark database comprises all trademark applications submitted to India’s Trademark Registrar, including all registered, applied for, opposed to, and expired trademarks. A trademark search will provide the user with valuable information pertaining to the trademark search question. Trademark Search Procedure To conduct a trademark search in India, use a web browser to access the trademark search database. 1. At the top of the page, select Wordmark as the Search type. 2. Enter the wordmark you want to look up in the trademark database. The trademark database can be compared to the search query using three criteria:’start with,’ ‘contains,’ and match with.’
  • Begin by displaying all entries in the trademark search database that begin with the value entered for the search.
  • Displays all entries in the trademark search database that contain all of the search criteria.
  • Match will display all of the records in the trademark search database that match the search value.
3. The suitable class of the Trademark should be entered. Trademarks are classified into 45 classes, each representing a separate set of goods and services. A registered trademark or trademark application will be relevant exclusively to the class for which it is applied. 4. Finally, you may start a trademark search by clicking on search. Trademark Search Results The trademark search returns the results of all trademarks registered under class 12 that begin with the word “Ford.” The following “show details” option would disclose all information relevant to the trademark application number, application date, owner information, trademark validity date, the date it is used from, and a description. A basic search will yield several results, and understanding the trademark search status is critical for interpreting the ramifications. If the message “no matches found” appears, it means that there are no registered or applied trademarks that match the query. A trademark must not be comparable to any existing trademarks in order to be registered.

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