Main Objects For Trading of Computer Hardware, and Related Products

Detailed Main Objects For Trading of Computer Hardware, and Related Products To carry on the business of providing, selling, purchasing, trading , production, distribution, customisation , development or otherwise deal in all types of applications, programs, mobile applications, web applications, products, portals, services, applications and other related services, manufacturing, designing, marketing, alter or otherwise deal in all types of devices, computers / parts & accessories / other related products, to provide support services , solutions and Consulting. To carry on in India or elsewhere the business to buy, sell, import, export, design, develop, formulate, buy, sell, import, export or otherwise to deal in computers and a wide variety of other electrical and  electronic products, personal computers, storage devices, and computer peripherals, audio and video equipment, semiconductors and other electronics components, and wired and wireless communications devices. To carry on in India and/or elsewhere the business of manufacturing, designing, marketing, servicing, processing, consulting, reprocess, repair, alter, assemble, purchase, sale, resale, export, import, transfer, exchange or otherwise deal in all types of Electrical and Electronic devices, computers/parts & accessories / other related products. To deal in and manufacture all kinds of machineries and equipments, textile machineries, equipments, testing equipments, laboratory equipments, electrical equipments and machineries, automobile machineries, material handling equipments and devices, plants, machineries, tools, zigs, fixtures, office equipments like typewriters, adding machines, calculators, computers, televisions, radios, transistors, all kinds of electronic equipments, pneumatic equipments, fans, heaters, coolers, air conditioners, refrigerators and other electrical appliances, communication equipments, telephones, intercom systems, consumable spares and components of all kinds of machineries.

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