Main Objects For Property Management

Detailed Main Objects For Property Management
  1. To maintain or provide services in respect of all buildings, apartments, commercial complexes of all nature.
  2. To carry on the business of providing all types of facilities, management and maintenance of all kinds and structure s such as commercial & residential buildings and complexes, theaters, cinema halls, auditoriums, sports complexes, stadiums and factories and undertake activities regarding the same.
  3. To enter either alone or jointly with another company or persons in India and elsewhere into contracts (on turkey basis or otherwise)for the takeover, operate and maintain and provide services relating to all types of buildings, flats, apartments commercial office complexes, apartments, at including land spaces, buildings, exterior of apartments, walls compound, electrical installations, water sources, water supply connections pumps and motors, dish antenna, ditches, drains, drainage, lights, internal phone wirings, garden plant boxes, potted plants, parking areas, common area of all floors including payment of common water and electrical charges, security cover, maintenance and running of the lifts and generators and over-head expenses, inclusive of salary, establishment charges, privileges, rights, easements, advantages, appurtenances, facilities and conveniences whatsoever in any way.
  4. To maintain or arrange for the maintenance or provision of services and improvement of all the common properties, areas, amenities and facilities of all commercial spaces apartments owned any Information Technology Park.
  5. To set up hospitals, nursing homes and healthcare centres and provide, encourage, initiate or promote facilities for the discovery, improvement or development of new methods of diagnosis, understanding and prevention and treatment of diseases.

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