Main Objects For Broadcasting And Telecasting

Detailed Main Objects For Broadcasting And Telecasting
  1. To Carry on the business of broadcasting, telecasting, relaying, transmitting, distributing, running, acquiring, and distribution of radio programs, radio events, television programs, audio, voice, or other programs or software for entertainment through the Company’s own or hired channels through the internet, telecom or by satellite link-up and terrestrial networks and by any other means of broadcasting subject to the rules and regulations prescribed by the government.
  2. To carry on the business of developing, promoting, marketing, organizing and managing artists and celebrity management national as well as international events, product brands, corporate and business themes, evenings, launches, ideas, managing public and media relations, press & publicity, concept designing and management for promotion of products, building of brands through promotions and events for corporate, other business and professional entities, institutions, other groups, individuals of its own or in tie-up or partnership with other agencies, service providers including international agencies involved in providing similar type of services and to promote, produce, organize and manage international and local music events, to provide complete technical and infrastructure support, including staging, lighting and sound for concerts, venue, on stage & backstage management, to do creative integration of sponsor banding & innovative sponsor entitlements of events, have coverage of live music events, television specials & music videos, merchandising, procurement of governmental permission & licenses for events, travel management, freight logistics & hospitality.
  3. To install, operate, design, fabricate, purchase, sell, import, export, trade, engineer, assemble, service, repair, exploit or deal in audio, video, and/or computer-generated data signal broadcasting, data transfer, transmission, and or reception system/ networks or part thereof which may include ISP, Local Area Network (LAN), Wide Area Network (WAN), satellite television channels, radio channels, entertainment channels in all languages, informative channels, educative channels, microwave multichannel distribution system, fiber optic system, laser beam system, telephonic, personal cellular system, Data Transfer, transmission/reception, Dissembles, by utilizing, using, subscribing, hiring, chartering, renting, leasing or in any other manner exploiting satellite transponders, satellite transmission/reception, processing of audio, video and data communication for information/educational/entertainment and other purposes.
  4. To conduct the business in and outside India ,of event management service on variety of areas including corporate events (product launches, press conferences, corporate meetings and conferences), marketing programs (road shows, grand opening events), and special corporate hospitality events like concerts, award ceremonies, film premieres, launch/release parties, fashion shows, commercial events, private and personal events such as weddings, birth day celebrations and such other events of like nature and to undertake, handle and carry on business in India and abroad connected with events for different corporate, companies or individuals which includes any happening such as organizing and management of luxury events, government & private events, road shows including financial market, expositions, seminars, fashion shows, concerts, lavish parties, conferences, social events e.g. summer camp for children, game shows, fun events & theme e.g. Disney theme, corporate golf tours, corporate family carnival, brand launches, brand promotion and management, cultural events & celebrity management, award nights,  entertainment shows, music shows, exhibitions, star nights, event management shows, fashion shows, organizing fairs, expositions, meets, product launches, concerts, gala dinners, weddings, pandals, religious events, government, college and school festivals, theme parties, Online promotion of events, concerts, live shows, parties and sale of tickets or simply bookings & reservations and to acquire, purchase, sale, import or export, let on hire, install for that purposes various things, equipments and systems viz. audio visual systems, exhibitions, display panels and boards, conference kit and guides, and to provide support services including venue decor and infrastructural support as providing venue booking, no objection certificates and government permissions, sound and light arrangements, fabrication of stalls, stage platforms, decorative items, transportation and labour or any other device or systems to execute the said business.
  5. To carry on the business of Cable services encompassing distribution, relaying, the transmission of signals including but not limited to TV, voice over Internet Protocol, Video On Demand, or any other services through cable within and outside India using any system.

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