Human Resource Policies for a Start-up Company

Code of Conduct

One of the most important HR Policies for a start-up company is the code of conduct or the work culture to be followed by the employees. The policy details the ethical behavior, employee relations, dress code, harassment policy, discrimination policy, customer misbehavior policy, etc. to be followed by all the employee of the business. Code of conduct of a start-up is applicable to all its employees and subject to action- disciplinary or otherwise upon violation.

Leave Policy

The most important HR policy of any business is the leave policy that categories the kinds of leave available to the employees. A leave policy differentiates between the sick leaves, paid casual leaves, unpaid leaves, maternity leaves, annual leave, half-day leaves, etc. A good leave policy clarifies the number of leaves and the consequences of uninformed leaves to the employees.

Working Hour Policy

One of the HR Policies of a start-up is the working hour policy that lays down the working days, time, starting and ending time for the employees. A working hour policy also provides for the lunch and tea breaks available to employees, flexible working hours option, work-from-home option, overtime, and night shift in accordance with the employment laws in India.

Policy on use of Company Resources

The HR policies of a start-up must state the manner and limit in which the employees can use the company resources such as the internet, stationery, telephone, any vehicle of the company, electronic devices such as computers, printers, copying machines, etc.

Joining And Exit Policies

The start-up must include the terms and conditions relating to how the new employees must handle their joining and exit.

This includes the documentation requirements, backgrounds checks, etc. done when a new employee joins, and the notice period, employment bond or other contractual obligations applicable when the employee exits the organization.

HR policies of a start-up are the key to build a strong workforce as they set the boundaries, provide for the freedom and discretion to work and act to the employees. It is essential for a start-up to get its HR policies drafted by a good documentation expert who can understand the requirements of the start-up, its workforce and the best provisions to be included in the policies.

Salary And Additional Benefits Policy

A start-up must be clear about the salary break up, the date on which the salary will be credited and the incentive structure (if any). A start-up can also include terms relating to advance salary, overtime payment, increments, promotions, insurance, and medical coverage.

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