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You would register a company that runs a blog if you have a money-making blog. A blogging company must first be registered as a limited liability company, limited partnership, limited liability partnership, etc. it is not required that you use a Pvt ltd company or an LLP; you can also establish a simple solo firm, which is the finest legal entity for testing your ideas. You must register your trademark for your blog., even though it is not required. What is a blog? A website-based online diary or journal. Text, images, videos, animated GIFs and even scans from old physical offline diaries or journals as well as other hard copy documents are common elements of blog material. Because a blog can be used for personal purposes, sharing information with a select group or engaging the general public, a blog owner can choose whether to make their site private or public. Blog content can display as posts on a single continuous streaming page or as posts on distinct pages accessible via one or more list-style pages with post title links, excerpts and associated tags. Readers often see all posts or links to post in reverse chronological order, with the most recent information displaying first. How to legally receive and manage blogging money in India? You must open a current bank account in the name of your company or blogging website. In India, a current business bank account is required for commercial purposes rather than a personal savings account. Now comes the subject of how to open a current bank account in your company’s name, which can only be done when the business or tac registration is completed. So, let’s take a look at the business or tax world. There are 5 types of business registration:
  1.  Sole proprietorship firm- you will need a tax registration for the sole proprietorship firm if you are the sole founder of the blogger. It is a registration for service tax. You will need essential documents like your pan card, voter id or aadhar card as well as verification of your business location, such as a copy of your lease agreement or a letter from your landlord. On the basis of the service tax registration certificate, you can open a current bank account.
  2. Partnership firm- when you have two founders in the blogging business, it is ideal. You only need to prepare a partnership[ document on stamp paper and a pan card and then open a current bank account based on that.
  3. Private limited firm- this is the greatest option if you are two founders and want to build a large company. Although the initial formation costs are significant, the majority of well known businesses are registered as private limited companies.
  4. LLP- similar to a private limited corporation but, with lower costs and less regulation.
  5. One-person company- this is the greatest option if you are a single founder with limited liabilities.
So you can quickly open a current bank account using the above business registration. As a result, the blogging industry is currently quite popular in India, and there are many bloggers that earn millions of rupees per month. Company registration process:  Step 1- obtain a certificate of digital signature (DSC) The information technology act of 2000 contains provisions for the use of digital signatures on electronic documents to protect the security and authenticity of the papers filed electronically. Step 2- acquire Director Identification Number (DIN) With the addition of sections 266A to 266G of the Companies (Amendment) Act 2006, the notion of a director identification number (DIN) was introduced for the first time. Step 3- create an account on the MCA portal by registering as a new user at Step 4- form a corporation or file an application for a business license. CA firm for company registration:  Accounting, auditing, tax consulting, transaction advisory and other services are provided by CA firms to a wide range of enterprises. CA firms are critical components of commercial transactions all around the world, and that is not an exaggeration. It is simple to understand how a CPA firm works. Companies hire chartered accountants from these firms as employees for a limited time to audit their financial activities. However, establishing a CA firm can be a difficult task in and of itself. It can be difficult to follow through with the complete procedure when certain eligibility criteria and official applications are required. How do bloggers make money?  Some bloggers make money simply by having people click static or dynamic adverts or other embedded links on their blog pages that go to affiliate partner websites, or they get a commission when someone purchases a product or service on a partner website after clicking their link.

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