How to Apply for NEW Company through MCA portal

Apply name of the NEW Company through MCA portal

Relevant provisions Section 4(4) of the Companies Act, 2013 and Rule 8 & 9 of Companies (Incorporation) Rules, 2014.
Relevant form Application of name can be filed through SPICe+ Part A under New Application as well as through the Reserve Unique Name (RUN) Web Form
Purpose of the RUN Webform   RUN web-form is a web service used for reserving a name for a new company or for changing its existing name. This application will then be processed by the Central Registration Centre (CRC). The proposed name applied should be as per the relevant provisions of the Act and the rules mentioned in it.
Check Name availability Check name availability of the Company through this link: Trademark search through this link: This is helpful in ensuring that the names of the Company existing and the Trademark existing should not be applied as they will amount to resubmission/ rejection.
Procedure for Name Reservation of the proposed Company Login to MCA Portal or create a login account first before using the service Then, under head MCA services, click on RUN (Reserve Unique Name) ·   Select New Company ·   Select Type of Company (new company-others, OPC, Producer company, Section 8 or others) ·    Provide two proposed names of the company ·    Business Activity code ·   Details of Main objects of the Business ·   Click on Check ·   Then click on Save and then Submit
Fees The government fee for the name application of a Private Limited Company is Rs. 1000/- and for a Limited Liability Partnership is Rs. 200/-.
Approval or Resubmission of Name The MCA will process the application in 2-3 working days after submission. The company name status on the MCA portal can be checked from MCA services – Track SRN/Transaction status. If the name is available, the ministry will approve the name and send the name approval letter. Otherwise, it will send an application for resubmission and the same has to be submitted with relevant changes as desired by the Ministry.
Validity of Name Reservation The approved name will be reserved for 20 days from the date of approval. As per the MCA notification in December 2020, the name of the Company reserved can be extended up to 60 days (maximum) on Payment of Fees with Fees of Rs. 3000 (maximum).

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