Every Director resigning from the Board of the Company must submit his resignation letter to the Board of the Company for their acceptance

On receipt of resignation letter, it is placed before the Board for their perusal and further discussion.

Date: ____


(Name of the Director)         

S/o. ____________

(Address of the Director as per MCA)


The Board of Directors

_____________ Private Limited (Name of the Company)

(Address of the Company as per MCA)

Dear Sirs,

Subject: Resignation from Directorship

I, (Name of the Director) hereby resign from the office of the Director of _________ (Name of the Company) Private Limited with effect from _____(Date of Resignation).

I hereby irrevocably and unconditionally release and forever discharge the Company from any and all claims, suits, actions proceedings, judgments demands and liabilities (present and future), at law or in equity, resulting from loss of office.  I understand that I shall not be involved in the business of the Company from the effective date of my resignation and shall at no time hereafter represent myself as being a Director of, or representing the Company.  I realize that I resign from the office of the director of this company without any claim for compensation for loss of office.

I hereby confirm that I do not have any property or assets of the Company under my Control or in my possession.

DIN: ____ (Director Identification Number)

Yours faithfully

(Name of the Director)

The above signed letter should be submitted to the Board for their acceptance. Further form DIR 12 to be filed by the Company for resignation of Director along with other requisite attachments to Ministry of Corporate Affairs.

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