Failed to Establish Connection to the Server Solution at Mozilla, Chrome IE FOR gst

Goods and Services Tax (GST) has been introduced by the Indian government. All the indirect taxes are replaced by GST and various rules and softwares to operate it are being followed. To use DSC ( Digital Signature) Registration ‘ EmSigner’ is used. Unexpected errors occur while smooth functioning of process which waste our energy as well as efforts. Most people share a common issue during the process of Digital Signature Certificate registration time which is ‘ Failed to Establish Connection to the Server’. It wastes your time and causes various troubles too. The reasons behind such errors can be:
  • Type of browser that is in use.
  • Efficiency of the browser.
  • More traffic to the server.
Some solutions are provided to resolve such errors, which are suitable mainly for two types of browsers- Firefox  and Chrome. Restart the Emsigner for GST Digital Signature (DSC) In order to access to government services you have to use existing digital platforms. This is how one can get the benefit of quick delivery. Due to GST the service delivery is effortless. Two solutions are available to prevent this error. What’s the solution?
  1. Install the latest version of Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome or java script.
  2. USB token plugged in must be registered with DSC.
  3. The emsigner can be restarted now.
Failed to establish connection to the server solution for chrome browser Follow these steps to overcome the error with chrome browser-
  • On the upper right side of the page click on ‘settings’
  • Select ‘content sharing’ option
  • Click on ‘manage exceptions’ option
  • Click on
  • Now chrome shall be closed
  • Select ‘run as administrator’ and restart the browser
  • Now open emsigner and login to ‘’
  • Now you can experience error free working
Restart the emsigner solution for a browser firefox:
  • In the upper right side corner click on ‘options’
  • Choose ‘security’ option
  • Click on ‘general’ and then on ‘exceptions’
  • You will see a blank box with ‘address of the website’
  • Select and click on ‘allow’
  • Save changes
  • Close firefox and emsigner
  • With ‘run as administrator’ restart the browser
  • Click on emsigner and login to ‘’
  • Now you can experience error free working
This procedure can be used for internet explorer as well. Getting registered to GST is essential for every taxpayer and this leads to some issues that disturbs the whole procedure. Firstly in order to register for GST it is essential to make DSC registration. This clears the reason why DSC registration is essential. The above mentioned points tells some helpful solutions for various errors which help to get rid of them.

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