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What is an Experience Letter? An experience certificate is an official certification given to an ex-employee to give a recommendation for their work. It is also known as work experience letter. An experience certificate shall be provided prior or on the day of complete settlements. It is also considered to be a significant documentation like academic certificate. The following article will emphasize on how to write an experience application, what are its importance and its format. Importance of experience certificate:
  • An experience letter gives a recommendation that the individual has a good character and has completed the work efficiently.
  • It also proves that the person has the skills that are required, experience and so on and it helps in further jobs as well as in resumes.
  • It proves that the knowledge has been attained and the training has also been given.
  • He or she has completed the work and is ready to work in the next job.
  • The hiring managers have to see the proper documentation of the employees, otherwise it can bring negative affect to the company.
  • The company can get into awkward situations if there is any wrong hire.
  • Most of the companies ask for the documentations to see what experience does the job applicant have.
  • This gives them surety that the applicant is applicable for the required job.
  • To overcome the forge cases companies also hire people to check the documents submitted by the applicants
  • Without documentation the applicant cannot get the required job.
  • The certificate also tells that the employer and the applicant had a good relation in the last organization he or she worked in.
Components of work experience certificate:
  • Name and address of the employee
  • ID, Department and designation of employee
  • Date of starting and ending date of the work
  • Date of promotion (if any)
  • Details of salary (optional)
  • Signature of the authority
  • Details of contacting of the authority
Do’s and don’ts of work experience letters: Till here you must have got an idea about what and how an experience letter works. Now lets see what are its do’s and don’ts: DO’s:
  • The experience letter is always placed in the letterhead of the company
  • The components mentioned above shall be practiced
  • The letter shall be signed by the particular authority
  • The letter should not be written on a plain paper.
  • The information regarding the pending dues should not be included in the application
  • The letter should not include anything bad or negative about the applicant
Here are some of the examples: Experience letter valuator Image credit: morpho-genesis Pin on Certificate Template Image credit: L&T

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