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Downloading an e-Pan card via the NSDL or UTITSL site. A digitally signed Permanent Account Number, or e-PAN card, is a PAN card that is issued in electronic form. The e-PAN card is a valid proof of PAN allotment. Download e-Pan Card using NSDL Portal  The NSDL webpage categorizes the download e-PAN card feature into two categories: PAN allotted in the last 30 days and PAN allotted older or more than 30 days. The processes to download the e-PAN card in both ways are detailed below– 1. Download an e-PAN card (applicable to PANs issued within the last 30 days)–
  • Visit the website at
  • Select ‘Download e-PAN card’ (For PAN allotted in last 30 days).
  • Enter the Acknowledgement Number as well as the Captcha Code.
  • Click the ‘Submit button.
  • To obtain OTP, you have three options–
e-mail address; or Mobile Phone Number; or Both
  • Choose one of the options for receiving OTP and click ‘Generate OTP’.
  • The choice chosen would result in the receipt of an OTP.
  • Enter the OTP and click the ‘Validate’ button.
  • When the validation is complete, click the ‘Download PDF’ button.
The downloaded PDF file would be password secured, and the password would be the date of birth/date of incorporation/date of formation in DDMMYYYYY format. 2. Download an e-PAN card (applicable to PANs issued more than 30 days ago)–
  • Visit the website at
  • Select ‘Download e-PAN card’ (For PAN allotted older or more than in last 30 days).
  • The following information must be provided:
PAN; The month and year of your birth; GSTN (optional); as well as
  • After entering the above information, click ‘Submit.’
  • The e-PAN card can be downloaded by clicking ‘Submit.’
Download e-Pan Card using UTIITSL Portal  PAN applicants can now download their e-PAN card directly from the UTIITSL website, which stands for UTI Infrastructure Technology And Service Limited. Only the PAN applicants listed below can use UTIITSL to obtain their e-PAN card–
  • Individuals that have applied for a new PAN through UTIITSL; or
  • Individuals who have applied for the most recent PAN modifications, corrections, or updates through UTIITSL; or
  • The person who previously registered a legitimate and active mobile number or e-mail ID with the Income Tax Department in conjunction with their PAN record.
If the applicant meets the criteria for downloading the e-PAN card through UTIITSL, he must complete the processes outlined below.
  • Visit ONLINE/ePANCard for further information.
  • Please include the following information–
PAN Code; Date of Birth/Date of Incorporation/Date of Agreement/Date of Partnership or Trust Deed/Date of BOI Formation/Date of AOP in MM/YYYY format; Number of GSTIN (optional); Enter the Captcha code.
  • After entering the above information, click the ‘Submit button.
  • Following successful submission, the link will be provided through SMS to the registered cellphone number and/or e-mail ID.
  • The applicant must click on the link after receiving it, and then use the OTP received on their mobile/e-mail ID to download the e-PAN card.
It is crucial to remember that Pan card download is free only if the e-PAN card was issued within the last one month on a new PAN application or a change/correction request. In all other cases, the applicant who wishes to download the e-PAN through UTIITSL must make an online payment of INR 8.26 for each download of the e-PAN card. Summary: PAN card applicants in India can apply for an e-PAN card instead of a real PAN card, according to the Income Tax Department of India. e-PAN works in the same way as a conventional PAN card and can be used for all financial transactions and domains where a PAN is required.

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