Bio-data/resume format for freshers

We at ChhotaCFO received many resumes every week some of them are good but most of them look unprofessional so in this article, we’ve covered a few best practices and standard resume format. Biodata or resume is basically our professional identity. It is through this only we get our jobs. A biodata includes all the info and achievements that concerns your professional life. An employer does not know you, so whatever they know of you is through the pdf or document form of your resume that hand over to the concerned companies. Since resume is our key to unlock the desired job we need to make an attractive one. If one randomly includes the achievements, academics, hobbies and other details, it will not at all look good. We need present all the information in a presentable way. It is best not to make an elaborate resume. A resume is best within 1 to 2 pages. The resume is best to present in a concise form. There has to be divisions of academics, achievements, previous work experience, academics and few basic personal details. Personal details have to be crisp and short. Name and address will do in the space of personal details. The contact information need to be in another header. The font size should be same. Changing the font size or using too many colors can ruin the professionalism. The fonts has to be the usual ones. The resume needs a neat and complete look with preferably a margin. The past job responsibilities are best written in bullet points to highlight it to the employers. The entire resume should have enough space between the lines to appear clear and understandable. The employer does not have much time to invest in a single resume so the more, the writing is clear and visible, the better. 20 modern professional resume templates to try One shouldn’t use words like I, hardworking, team player etc, which doesn’t appear decent. A resume shouldn’t contain any grammatical mistakes as it imparts a wrong impression. The resume needs to be rechecked to avoid this mistake. The interviewer can have a wrong interpretation of your resume. It is not necessary to add a photo unless it is mentioned specifically. The qualifications ad achievements are your strength not the photo.  

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