E-Invoicing What is E-invoicing? E-invoicing is a concept that is similar to an e-way bill where the details of the tax invoice issued in the software have to be filled in FORM INV-01 and an Invoice Reference Number (IRN) along with a QR code has to be generated for each invoice from the e-invoice portal. […]

Conversion Of Proprietorship To Private Limited Company

Conversion Of Proprietorship To Private Limited Company A sole proprietorship is having characteristic of unlimited liability and stakeholders shall have no clarity on succession planning but are privileged with less compliance. The era of obtaining funds from outside by issuing various instruments like Shares and Debentures is provoking sole proprietors to convert their Proprietorship into […]


CLAAT CORPORATE ADVISORS LLP You have not received your Income Tax refund yet? Awaiting you refunds for a prolonged period, is really something which bothers! The following needs to be checked on before you find out the reasons for refund not being credited to your bank account: The income tax return must be filed within […]